Ten Times Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce Made us Grateful for Abby’s Thanksgiving


Will and Abby nuzzle at Thanksgiving on Girlfriends Guide to DivorceWhat would a Thanksgiving meal be without a pinch of drama? Maybe your loudmouth uncle overshares his political views, perhaps there are inquiries about your relationship status, it could be that inquiring minds haven’t grasped the concept of “childfree by choice” or assume that vegans eat ham. There’s always something. At Abby’s house that goes double. The day is all about giving thanks, so let’s take a moment to express our gratitude for the drama and comedy of a McCarthy holiday.

  1. #Wabby pillow talk. When Abby asks if celebrating Thanksgiving together means Will’s her boyfriend now, he says: “I’ve been your boyfriend since I first laid eyes on you, you just didn’t know it.” Purrrrr!
  2. Abby’s desire to have an “adults-only Thanksgiving.” Preach! The plans are foiled when Jake gets sick, but at least she tried to buck convention. Her instincts will be proven correct, I’m looking at you, Charlie.
  3. The holidays may lead you to reach for an extra glass of spiked eggnog. Jo starts the day early by chugging hooch straight from the bottle. Jo does not fool around, she gets a head start on things. I just wouldn’t let her near the stove, word to the wise.
    Jo drinks straight from  bottle at Thanksgiving on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce.

    Jo is on a liquid diet

  4. Jo yelps like she sees the devil when she spots Jake at the door. They’ve been known to clash, maybe in Jo’s mind he is the devil.
  5. Jake comes bearing three pies which, for some reason, I find endearing. He is under the impression that Abby invited him, she didn’t. He pulls out his phone and they see that the entire message is in uppercase. No same woman sends shouty messages in ALL CAPS  — especially if she is a journalist. Busted, Charlie!
  6. Will arrives bearing wine (something about him doesn’t say pie guy). He’s about to shake with Jake when Abby slaps their hands apart because her ex has a cold and she doesn’t want her boyfriend to get cooties. This is a valid choice since she’ll want to kiss a germ-free boyfriend later.
  7. Will and Jake squabble over how long to cook the bird. Jake wins this round, but Will gets to carve. That’s probably for the best since he’s not germy. There’s a lot of tension between the ex and the next.
  8. Will’s friend, Mike, smokes a joint out the window. Don’t judge me.
  9. Abby’s holiday also includes heated arguments about politics. Things are said, feelings are hurt. There’s not enough focus on pie. I don’t think Mike cares about any of this. See No. 9.
  10. Af the end of the night, #Jabby get to be alone for a sweet talk. And #Wabby gets to be alone for a sweet kiss. Every shipper gets a little something.

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