Because No One Asked for it: Hotel California in Memes

Hotel signWith its debauchery and violence, and pretty much total inability to let any guests leave alive, American Horror Story: Hotel made us think of nothing so much as the Eagles classic, Hotel California.

With the recent death of Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey, there’s been a ton of tribute stories and videos to the rock classic. If you’re a person of a certain age, ahem, you’ve likely heard more versions of Hotel California than you’d like to admit. And the song has been covered by tons of artists and sold millions of copies. The version below by a Cuban acapella group is truly unique.

Incredible, no? Still, we think there’s room for at least one more version. For that reason and because, well, we can, here it is: Hotel California in Meme form. Enjoy!




dogs sniffing each otherOF-COLITASrising-up-through-the-airup-aheadmy-head-grew-heavyi-had-to-stop-for-the-knight

Olivia Benson

Jesus with herd the-mission BELLE


 how-they-dance-in-the-courtyard sweet-summer-sweat some-dance-to-remember some-dance-to-forget so-i-called-up-the-captain please-bring-me-my-winehe-saidwe-haven't had-that-spirit-here-since-1969and-still-those-voiceswake-you-up-in-the-middleJUST-TO-HEAR-THEM-SAYwelcome-to-the-hotel1such-a-lovely-place2such-a-lovely-placeImanthey're-livin-it-upwhat-a-nice-surprisewhat-a-nice-surprisebring-your-alibismirrors-on-the-ceilingTHE-PINKCHAMPAGNE-MAPON-ICEAND-SHE-SAIDand-in-the-master's-chambersTHEY-GATHERED-FOR-THE-FEASTTHEY-STAB-IT-WITH-THEIR-KNIVESBUT-THEY-JUST-CAN'T-KILLTHE-BEASTLAST-THING-REMEMBER-I-WAS-RUNNING-FOR-THE-DOORI-HAD-TO-THE-FIND-THE-PASSAGERELAX-SAID-THE-NIGHT-MANWE-ARE-PROGRAMMEDTO-RECEIVEewecanCHECKOUTANY-TIMEeweLIKEBUT-YOU-CAN-NEVER-LEAVE

Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
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