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Shelby and Caleb look at a computer on Quantico

10 Thoughts on Quantico: “God” — Nov. 1, 2015

Quantico is a glorious cocktail. Take one part Melrose Place add one part Homeland, shake, garnish with How to Get Away with Murder and voilà — you’ve got a sexy, hilarious mystery. Hot FBI recruits flirt, scheme, hook up and keep secrets as they train to keep America safe. Months later drop-dead gorgeous Alex Parrish is accused of masterminding a terrorist attack and the most conspicuous incognito fugitive works to clear her name and figure out if one of her classmates set her up. Her hair and makeup remain on-point.

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Alex Parrish and other recruits jog on Quantico

Quantico: “America” — Oct. 4, 2015

Quantico is the most glorious new show of the Fall season because Joshua Safran got a greenlight for a series about models unleashed on the FBI Academy. The creator bravely strolled into a meeting and proposed: “What if we did a Homeland meets Melrose Place show about the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11?” He was not escorted out of the room. I love this show so hard. Unlike its lead-in, Blood & Oil, Quantico commits to being a sudsy, improbable series. The actors and actresses appear to enjoy what they are doing, and it’s fun to watch. Where Blood & Oil is painfully predictable, Quantico gleefully embraces the OMG and OMFG factor.

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Nimah Anwar does pull-ups in a hijabi on Quantico.

Quantico: “Run” — Sept. 27. 2015

Whooooooo! Quantico debuted on Sunday night. I’ve been waiting to see this show ever since the trailer was released months ago. The premise is about a group of good-looking FBI recruits, who live together and romance each other at Quantico. One of the recruits is suspected of coordinating the biggest terror attack since 9/11. The timeline alternates between the early days at the training facility and the aftermath of the attack, which will strike eight months in the future. Quantico is a cup of Homeland blended with Melrose Place and served on a bed of How to Get Away with Murder. Yes, someone said, “Hey, what if we did a sexy, soapy show about terrorism?” Works for me.

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